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Two  years ago I filled out an application to break a world record. In the  past few months it has all come true. I will be making an attempt at  this record as DJ Freaky D  and it will be the first time in American citizen ever in history has  held this title.  It’s honestly time to show a lot of you young guys  what a real DJ is all about. 

Going to definitely be needing help on this  including witnesses, judges, throughout  the whole attempt. 

Artists and producers please send me your  tracks and I will play them. Every song that gets played will be  logged and made to be a part of history. 

A lot more details to come, and  if anybody is interested in helping out please fill out the form below.  

I'm going to take this opportunity, and do something big with it for the community before I get ready to start my Family. 

Thank you all for the support this is definitely going to be a good  time.  Please share this!

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Help us out by being there. We need at least 4 people present at all times. Fill out the contact form below, and we will be sure to reach out immediately. 

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Our Attempt will be live streamed to the world non-stop. We will be offering advertising in exchange for financial sponsorship. Call us or fill out the form below. 

We need Music!

All 201+ Hours of music will be logged in World Records History. Send us your tunes, and we'll play it for the world. Fill out the form below, we'll get right back you.

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Feel free to reach out for more information about Danny Souri and his World Records DJ Set.

DJ Freaky D World Record DJ Marathon

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